Understanding is a three edged sword,

What you know, what you can prove, and


What ever strange reality that may exist beyond that which we can not touch.



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The Squirrel Cage Jail#1

The Squirrel Cage Jail#2

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Villisca Axe Murder House
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Villisca Axe Murder House#2

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Squirrel Cage Jail

September 25, 2010

An investigation opportunity presented by the Iowa Paranormal Society and The Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

The Squirrel Cage Jail is acautally the old Pottawattamie County jail in Concil Bluffs, Ia. It has not been used to house inmates for over 30 years, but has been opened up for tourist by the The Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. For more information on this site, visit their web site. The Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Team Members

Big D, Fat Eddie, Flunky

Equipment Used

Canon EOS digital camera, Kodak C433 digital camera, digital audio recorder, JVC Mini DV model GR-D244U

Brief Synopsis

During the night, we captured this voice. Only 5 people heard it. The 3 of us on the second floor, and 2 on the uppper floor. There were other people on both floors that did not here this voice. Being as how 5 people were able to here it, it has to be considered a disembodied voice as opposed to an E.V.P.{electronic voice phenomenon}.

There are 3 files for you to here, the first one is an unedited version with about a minute running up to the "voice". You can here the background voices of the other people there that night. The second file is of just the voice itself, so you can listen to it as many times as you want with out wasting a bunch of time. The third file has been slowed down 50 percent. This is the only editing done. It allows you to really disect what we heard. For best results you need either a pair of head phones or really good speakers.

If there is no player, or you get a missing plug in message in your browser, you can left click the links below to open and stream them in the native player of your choice on your machine, or right click and down load to your machine to play them. Either way, well worth you time.

This was a Hoax

After searching the internet, a ringtone from the movie Poltergeist was found that closely matched what we recorded. While not an exact match, with the acoustics of the Squirrel Cage, it is close enough that we felt one of the other people on the floor above us may have perpetrated a hoax on us.

I guess this goes to show that one has to use caution when reviewing the data you collect, even thought you were there.

Disembodied Voice

File 1-The voice starts about half way through, or from approximatly 27 seconds in to 41 seconds. 1.04 mb

File 2-A short clip of just the voice. 170kb

File 3-Slowed down to half speed. Makes it easier to pick out the voice. 330kb


Later in the night this was caught on the digital voice recorder. We can't make out what it is saying, but it sounds like the same little girl's voice from before. No one heard it this time though, so this is classifed as an E.V.P.

You have to listen real close, it is hard to hear. The second clip is set to loop.

Clip 1-A short clip. 116kb

Clip 2-A shorter clip for looping. 48kb

The Shadow Picture

We did manage to catch one odd picture. On the fourth floor, back in a room used for storage, the auto focus feature on Fat Eddie's camera started to act up. It would go from full stop to full stop and back. This was the only time all night it did this. The result can be seen below.

The following files are large, please have patience while they load.
shadow image

You can make out a shadow on the right of the picture of what appears to be “ person ” standing there. There was no one else in this room at the time. Also the left frame of this picture is blocked out by shadow, but with no discernible shape. The lights behind the curtains are streets lights. The light at the center top of the picture is the flash, while the mist looking stuff we believe is just an artifact.

To give some perspective, below is a picture I took within 3 minutes of the one above, from about the same vantage point.

same vantage point

What is it? Was the camera trying to decide to focus on the closer “object” or the back of the room and couldn’t leaving an odd artifact? Or was there really somthing there?

Not sure. I guess you will have to decide.