Understanding is a three edged sword,

What you know, what you can prove, and


What ever strange reality that may exist beyond that which we can not touch.



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The Squirrel Cage Jail#1

The Squirrel Cage Jail#2

The Squirrel Cage Jail#3

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Villisca Axe Murder House#2

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Squirrel Cage Jail #3

September 03, 2012

The Squirrel Cage Jail is actually the old Pottawattamie County jail in Council Bluffs, Ia. It has not been used to house inmates for over 30 years, but has been opened up for tourist by the The Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. For more information on this site, visit their web site. The Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Team Members

Big D, Fat Eddie, Flunky, Judy and Paula

Equipment Used

Canon EOS digital camera, Kodak C433 digital camera, 3 digital audio recorders, JVC Mini DV model GR-D244U, Infrared DVT

Brief Synopsis

This is the third time members of the G.P.R.G. conducted an investigation of the Squirrel Cage Jail. This time it was conducted solely by the G.P.R.G. team. This made it much easier to keep a controlled environment. The investigations lasted over 7 hours and we were able to collect a lot of data that will take some time to completely review. We arrived at 7:45 pm to start setting up. Upon completion of setup the 5 of us took some time to reacquaint ourselves with the surroundings and conduct some preliminary EVP sessions.

After about an hour we broke off into teams to cover the entire jail. With just the 5 of us we were able to go about business without interfering with the other teams investigations. Sometime after this we got to the point where only 1 team at a time was in the actual jail area while the others would start reviewing the data.

All in all it was a good night. While nothing extreme happened, we were able to catch some interesting things. Keep checking back as it will take time to go through all the data we gathered that night. Down below is a more detailed write up of the data we feel is worth putting up for your review.


E.V.P. 1

Around 9:00 p.m. Paula, Judy and myself were on the third floor in the infirmary when we got this. After review, it was concluded that no one in the room either heard or said this. You can hear this at the 7 to 9 second mark. This classifies it as an E.V.P.

Clip 1 The E.V.P.

Clip 2 Short for looping


E.V.P. 2

We got this one about 10:00 pm while retrieving our video cameras. They were set up facing each other on the first floor cell area behind what would be the kitchen. We were filming from two directions because for the second time in three investigations Ed saw a figure walking through the corridor. At this time there was no one else in the cell block area.

Clip 3 The E.V.P.



Throughout the night we caught this strange sound on several different occasions, on different levels and different recording devices. I'm not sure what it is, but after you listen to it you can click on the "What does it say box" and see Ed thinks he hears.

At 9:00 pm clip 4 was recorded on the digital voice recorder in the room on the fourth floor. No one was in the fourth floor room at this time.

Clip 4 Strange Noise

At 9:10 pm clip 5 was recorded on the digital voice recorder in the room on the fourth floor. No one was in the fourth floor room at this time.

Clip 5 Strange Noise

At 9:12 pm clips 6 and 7 was recorded on the digital voice recorder in the room on the fourth floor and a digital recorder on the second floor that we were carrying at the time. No one was in the fourth floor room at this time.

Clip 6 Strange Noise

Fourth floor.

Clip 7 Strange Noise

Second Floor

Below are 3 of the files that have had some of the background noise removed. Unfortunately it does distort the audio to point it can give it an extra creepy quality. Give them a listen anyway and see what you think.

Clip 4 Clip 5 Clip 6



At around 10:15 Fat Eddie and I were on the third floor sitting on the north landing in the cell area while all others were down stairs in the office area when the following sounds were caught on two different voice recorders. Once again the one we had setting up on the fourth floor next to the motion detection game camera with no one in the room with them and the one I was carrying with me both caught the sound. The one on the fourth floor the sound is much clearer than the one from the third floor. The mini DV camcorder on the first floor did not record this. No one made mention of hearing this either. Give a listen and see what you think.

Clip 8 Fourth Floor

Clip 9 Third Floor

As you can see the sound is much clear from the recorder on the fourth floor than the third. This leads me to think the sound came from up the that area. There was no one up there. I guess there are things that go bump in the night.



Here's a good one for you. It's kind of hard to pick out, but see what you think. At 12:22 in the morning, fourth floor once again no one the room, the digital voice recorder picked this up. It's between the 1 to 2 second mark.

Clip 10 Strange Noise




On an investigation we did two years ago we got a strange picture on the fourth floor. You can the view image by clicking here and scrolling down towards the bottom of the page. So we set up a motion activated camera on the fourth floor to see what we could get. The camera was set to take a series of 3 pictures every time it was tripped. At the end of the night we wound up with 16 pictures. The math just didn't add up.

This is what happened. We got two sets of three pictures, then a single picture, the 3 sets of 3 pictures for a total of 16. Between the last picture of set two and the single picture the angle of the camera changes slightly. Using the time stamps on the pictures, our digital voice recorders and video cameras we were able to deduce that no one had entered the room on the fourth floor between the time the second set of three pictures and single third picture was snapped. We found it odd that only 1 picture was taken at the time the camera changed angles.

To view this event, click on the picture 2 link ( "pic 2" ) and let it load. Then you can click on the pic 1 and pic 2 links to switch back and forth. If you don't see the picture below it means your browser does not support iframes. You can update your browser or right click and save the pictures to view them on your computer using your default image viewer.

pic 1 pic 2