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Villisca Axe Murder House
Updated 8-11-2013

Villisca Axe Murder House#2

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Villisca Axe Murder House #2

Villisca Iowa

May 5, 2013

A Brief History

On June 10 1912, sometime after midnight an unknown assailant entered the home J.B. Moore and murdered him, his wife, their 4 children and 2 of the children's friends that were spending the night, with an axe. The next morning a neighbour noticed that no one in the house had stirred yet and contacted a family member of the Moore's. It was then discovered what had happened. The culprit was never caught. There were suspects, but no one was ever convicted. This crime made the news nationwide, it even knocked the Titanic of the front page most newspapers.

In 1994 Darwin and Martha Linn acquired the house. They then returned the house to the conditions at the time of the murders in 1912. It was them placed on the National Registrar of Historic Places and opened for tours. Now it can be rented out for the night to those brave enough to spend the night.

For more information you can visit the official website for the Villisca Axe Murder House or just do a search in your favorite search engine. Even if you don't believe in this stuff, the case of the 1912 Villisca murders is interesting and strange enough to merit more investigation by itself.


G.P.R.S Team Members

Big Dan, Fat Eddie, Judy, Mark the Flunky, Paula, Brian, Molly.

Equipment Used


Swann SWDVK-425504 S 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder with IR; Panasonic Digital Video Recorder with I.R.


Olympus VN-702PC; Olympus ??; Sony ICD-PX312; and 3 more.


Canon EOS digital camera, Kodak C433 digital camera, Kodak C142 digital camera

Brief Synopsis

The G.P.R.G. team arrived at the Vallisca Axe Murder house at 4:00 pm and met with ????, one of the hosts. This was the the second time for Ed, Dan and I but first time there for Judy, Paula, Brain and Molly, so we talked to him for a bit, then he gave the tour of the house and we talked some more. He told us a lot of interesting things about this place, such as they had a forensic expert come in to see if there was any evidence still there. He said that they were still able to find traces of blood on the celling, walls and floors where the murders took place.

Around 5:00 he left and we started working out how best to cover the entire house with the equipment we had. We were able to cover the hall and two bedrooms upstairs as well as the living room and kitchen down stairs with the I.R. security system and multiple voice recorders. Any time we were gathering data that was not covered by that set up we took the I.R. D.V.R. and at least one digital voice recorder with us.

By 6:00 we had everything set up, took a break to eat dinner and prepare for the evenings investigation. After diner, around 7:00, we all went in to acquainted with the late out house. As this was the first time here for some of the team we felt that was a good idea as it does get dark in the house. Everyone did thier own thing for a while. At 8:00 we decided to all sit in the living room and do a group E.V.P session just to see what would happen. During this time I thought I could here some faint music, but the others didn't. This also happened later to Paula and Judy.

From 9:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. we continued the investigation by breaking off into smaller teams of 2 to 3 people going through the house and 1 or 2 watching the security monitor that was set up in the kitchen while the rest of us would be outside. Around 1:30 we all decided with all the equipment that was running we could all catch a nap before we tore down and packed up to go home. Paula volunteered to keep an eye on the security system and monitor the going ons while we sleep. Dan, Brian and Molly went out to the cars to sleep, while Ed, Judy and I tried to get comfortable in the living room, not an easy task. By 3:30 Ed, Judy and I gave up as good sleep was not going to be achieved, mostly due to the fact the floor and and couch are not that comfortable.

We decided as how we had several pieces of equipment running since 7:00 p.m. to the present time, 4;00 a.m., that was going to have to be reviewed, it was time to tear down. With over 50 hours of audio and 15 hours of video to review and all of us having a life and jobs to go back to it was time to go. Below is some of the more interesting things we came up with. While all of data has been reviewed, we are still going back through some of it to make sure nothing was missed so their may be more to come.



E.V.P. 1

At 7:00 pm I was on my to the attic. I had caught an e.p.v. in there the first time we were here. Its not real clear but right at the 2 second mark you can here what sounds like a small girls voice saying something. Take a listen for your self and see what you think.

Clip 1 E.V.P. 1

Clip 1 to loop E.V.P. 1-This clip is same as above, but short for looping.

E.V.P. 2

Just a couple minutes after the clip above was caught, this one was captured. Its hard to here, but does sound like a little girl again. It is at the 5 second mark. If you listen from about the mid way point to the end you can here voices from downstairs. I left that in so you can here the difference. The voices from downstairs have a fuller sound, and also seem to have more reverb.

Clip 2 E.V.P. 2

Clip 2 to loop E.V.P. 2-This clip is same as above, but short for looping.

E.V.P. 4

This was recorded at 8:00 while Dan and I were in the back bedroom where the closet door has been reported to close by its self. I stepped in the closet to see if we could get it to close. It didn't, but we may have gotten a response. No one else was upstairs at this time. Listen real close at about the 5 second mark.

Clip 4 E.V.P. 4

Clip 4 to loop E.V.P. 4-This clip is same as above, but short for looping.

E.V.P. 6

Around 8:30 Brian and I was in the attic above the living room conducting an e.v.p. session. Brain asked a question and may have gotten a response. Listen real close at the 4 second mark.

Clip 6 E.V.P. 6

E.V.P. 7

At 9:25 we decided it was time to break into smaller groups during the investigation. Ed and Brian was staying in to monitor the security system as the rest of us were heading outside for a while. As I was walking out the door I caught this. Its right at the end of the clip.

Clip 7 E.V.P. 7

Clip 7 to loop E.V.P. 7-This clip is same as above, but short for looping.

E.V.P. 9

Around midnight, after Brian and I had sit in the attic for while, we were heading out so another team could go in and this was caught just befor we walked the kitchen door.

Clip E.V.P. 9

E.V.P. 10

Dan and I were upstairs, at approximately 12:55 a.m. Dan said "Hello", and there may be a response.

Clip 10 E.V.P. 10

Clip 10 to loop E.V.P. 10-This clip is same as above, but short for looping.

E.V.P. 15

My digital voice recorder caught this at 3:05 a.m. in the living room while everyone except Paula was asleep.

Clip 15 E.V.P. 15

Clip 15 to loop E.V.P. 15-This clip is same as above, but short for looping.

There is more audio files that have to be reviewed by the Great Plains Research Group team. So keep checking back.


The Second Story Window

Around 9:30 pm I was walking around the outside of the Vallisca Axe Murder House taking pictures while Ed and Brain where in the kitchen area watching the security monitor. Everyone else was out side with me, there was no one upstairs in the attic. I got this one odd picture of the window to the attic that is over the living room. There appears to be a light in right hand side of the left window. Thing is there is now power in the house, its not my flash and there is not a street light close enough to cause a reflection. What it is I don't know.

As usually happens when one gets a potentially good picture of something, its just a little blurry. I did not have my camera set to the highest resolution or to night shot as I should have. Had I set it right, I could zoom in and get a better view of what it is. Any ways here it is.

Vallisca Axe Murder House Second Story Window


Keep checking back as we still have more data analyze.