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Submitted by Star87 posted May 2014

Read carefully, if this offends you, read it again, this time carefully, and think, if you still don't get it then read the comments below as I will explain it to you , though I shouldn't have to: SHADOWMASTER

File this under the heading: "You Have Got To Be Freaking Kidding Me!”

BOOM! Did you hear that? That was another blood vessel bursting in my cranium and all because I finally got caught up on the news headlines for the past few days. I will admit that it takes a lot to surprise me anymore. With everything transpiring in the world around us, it is hard to find a story that has enough shock factor to get my blood boiling. It’s been such a slow slip ’n’ slide into the abyss that it’s become the norm to see headlines about the growing national debt, a new madrassa being built in the United States, terrorists sucking our welfare bottle dry, our current administration openly funding terrorist groups, and other equally revolting headlines. However, the triad of articles that leapt off of my screen this morning to punch me in the face was more than I could take. I offer you what I read this morning, summarized by yours truly. It is, in my humble opinion, the three foulest plagues that are currently ravaging our beloved country: Nancy Pelosi (she is no longer fit to carry the title of “woman”, but that is the subject for a different politico) has listed Planned Parenthood and La Raza as entities which can be worked with on Obamacare policies, Obama (and therefore the USA) backed Syrian rebels are slaughtering entire villages of Christians, and Turkey’s Islamic government is funding a massive $100 million mosque to be built….where?…that’s right, in Maryland. I will understand if anyone still reading this needs to take a break in order to get another cup of coffee, another cigarette, or act on the urge to start throwing dinnerware at the closest available wall.

The long and short of it is this: Allowing anti-life, anti-American, and anti-Western theology and doctrinal entities to decide on major American issues will get us all killed. Not only are they unable to comprehend the subject at hand, both of these agencies (and several more that were listed, yet remain unmentioned in this politico) embrace (no, perhaps “sleeping with” would be a better metaphor) beliefs that are in stark opposition to the ideals that America has gently, but firmly espoused since her inception (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). Why add even more ignorance and selfish disdain onto the already putrid, asinine rubbish that is the Affordable Care Act? Add to this that our current administration is openly supporting (that’s right, with our hard earned tax dollars…yes, you are working 40+ hours a week in order to give hard line islamists food and weapons) Muslim rebels that have and continue to slaughter every single Christian in sight. Then, as if that isn’t enough, Turkey’s Islamic government (remember when their government wasn’t pulling excrement like this) is funding an enormous mosque to be built in Maryland. No, not Marylandstan, not Saudi Marylandia, our Maryland: where Harriet Tubman, Babe Ruth, Frederick Douglas, and Revolutionary hero, Samuel Chase, were born. Islam and Sharia Law have no business in America and stand diametrically opposed to everything we are, believe, live, and breathe.

So, how do we fix this mess? It is simple. Truly simple. Do not believe the media and the political elites who preach that there is no easy way through this. Most times, the answer to the biggest problems, is a small one: impeach, cut, and learn. Impeach those in Washington D.C. that refuse to uphold the law of our land, those who collaborate with the enemy, and those who refuse to do the job they were hired (never forget that they are our employees, not our masters) to do. Cut off, financially and otherwise, every single group that has threatened the US, murders our allies, or who has doctrines which declare such vile intents. Learn from the mire in which Europe is now entrenched. There are entire communities in which police, paramedics, and firefighters cannot go, Sharia law areas. Muslims openly murder citizens in the streets while shouting “allahu Akbar”, gang rape women, and torture children. This is what America can look forward to in the next decade if we continue to allow mosques, madrassas, and the like to sprout like weeds. If we do not impeach, cut, and learn quickly, the “you have got to be freaking kidding me?!” moments will be hourly as we watch our country bleed to death on the altar of multiculturalism and political correctness.


If you are still offended then you just can't follow instructions. READ CAREFULLY AND THINK. Star is just sick and tired of having our culture devalued and made irrelevant at the expense of appeasing others. Yes, the United States of America does have it's own culture. If you do not think so keep checking the Politico for future updates:SHADOWMASTER.