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Nation States

Nation States is a highly interactive nation building website. While registration is required, it is a completely free site and it does not generate any spam email. It takes information you input, assigns values to the information and from there builds a government, economy, society and other aspects of a nation. After your nation is set up you are given issues to deal with. Which direction your nation goes depends on the option you choose on any given issue.

It allows you to build your own nation based on your political views. Or if you wish you can build any type of nation you want, from an ubber conservative consumerist driven government, to a left wing communist haven to a complete anarchist society.

Depending on your settings you will receive one or two issues a day to deal with. It only takes a few minutes to read through the options and choose which one you want to implement. Once setup, it takes five minutes a day to as little as five minutes every couple weeks to keep your nation moving forwards. As long as you sign in once every 28 days your nation will continue to grow.