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Submitted by Star87 posted May 2014

Read carefully, if this offends you, read it again, this time carefully, and think, if you still don't get it then read the comments below as I will explain it to you , though I shouldn't have to: SHADOWMASTER

File this under the heading: "You Have Got To Be Freaking Kidding Me!”

BOOM! Did you hear that? That was another blood vessel bursting in my cranium and all because I finally got caught up on the news headlines for the past few days. I will admit that it takes a lot to surprise me anymore. With everything transpiring in the world around us, it is hard to find a story that has enough shock factor to get my blood boiling. It’s been such a slow slip ’n’ slide into the abyss that it’s become the norm to see headlines about the growing national debt, a new madrassa being built in the United States, terrorists sucking our welfare bottle dry, our current administration openly funding terrorist groups, and other equally revolting headlines. However, the triad of articles that leapt off of my screen this morning to punch me in the face was more than I could take. I offer you what I read this morning, summarized by yours truly. It is, in my humble opinion, the three foulest plagues that are currently ravaging our beloved country: Nancy Pelosi (she is no longer fit to carry the title of “woman”, but that is the subject for a different politico) has listed Planned Parenthood and La Raza as entities which can be worked with on Obamacare policies, Obama (and therefore the USA) backed Syrian rebels are slaughtering entire villages of Christians, and Turkey’s Islamic government is funding a massive $100 million mosque to be built….where?…that’s right, in Maryland. I will understand if anyone still reading this needs to take a break in order to get another cup of coffee, another cigarette, or act on the urge to start throwing dinnerware at the closest available wall.

The long and short of it is this: Allowing anti-life, anti-American, and anti-Western theology and doctrinal entities to decide on major American issues will get us all killed. Not only are they unable to comprehend the subject at hand, both of these agencies (and several more that were listed, yet remain unmentioned in this politico) embrace (no, perhaps “sleeping with” would be a better metaphor) beliefs that are in stark opposition to the ideals that America has gently, but firmly espoused since her inception (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). Why add even more ignorance and selfish disdain onto the already putrid, asinine rubbish that is the Affordable Care Act? Add to this that our current administration is openly supporting (that’s right, with our hard earned tax dollars…yes, you are working 40+ hours a week in order to give hard line islamists food and weapons) Muslim rebels that have and continue to slaughter every single Christian in sight. Then, as if that isn’t enough, Turkey’s Islamic government (remember when their government wasn’t pulling excrement like this) is funding an enormous mosque to be built in Maryland. No, not Marylandstan, not Saudi Marylandia, our Maryland: where Harriet Tubman, Babe Ruth, Frederick Douglas, and Revolutionary hero, Samuel Chase, were born. Islam and Sharia Law have no business in America and stand diametrically opposed to everything we are, believe, live, and breathe.

So, how do we fix this mess? It is simple. Truly simple. Do not believe the media and the political elites who preach that there is no easy way through this. Most times, the answer to the biggest problems, is a small one: impeach, cut, and learn. Impeach those in Washington D.C. that refuse to uphold the law of our land, those who collaborate with the enemy, and those who refuse to do the job they were hired (never forget that they are our employees, not our masters) to do. Cut off, financially and otherwise, every single group that has threatened the US, murders our allies, or who has doctrines which declare such vile intents. Learn from the mire in which Europe is now entrenched. There are entire communities in which police, paramedics, and firefighters cannot go, Sharia law areas. Muslims openly murder citizens in the streets while shouting “allahu Akbar”, gang rape women, and torture children. This is what America can look forward to in the next decade if we continue to allow mosques, madrassas, and the like to sprout like weeds. If we do not impeach, cut, and learn quickly, the “you have got to be freaking kidding me?!” moments will be hourly as we watch our country bleed to death on the altar of multiculturalism and political correctness.


If you are still offended then you just can't follow instructions. READ CAREFULLY AND THINK. Star is just sick and tired of having our culture devalued and made irrelevant at the expense of appeasing others. Yes, the United States of America does have it's own culture. If you do not think so keep checking the Politico for future updates:SHADOWMASTER.

Submitted by Star87 posted March 2014

Society and cultures change, change is not always good as Sta87 so eloquently points out. As usual, instead of just pointing out the problem, she has a fix for it: SHADOWMASTER

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, the title of “woman” actually stood for something. Women in ancient Greece were seen as the foundation of civilization. The shield maidens of Scandinavia fought as equals in the shield wall, forcing their enemies to recognize that a woman could be just as fierce as a man in defense of her people. Queens of England sometimes ruled in their own right, sometimes ruled for their young sons, and sometimes took hold of the reins of power when their mates were unable or unwilling. Chinese daughters fought battles their fathers and husbands could not, defying their cultures and laws in order to bring peace. India boasts a long list of noble females who oversaw the rebuilding and renewal of their nation, especially when it came to raising the future leaders of their country. America herself has seen her daughters come from every nation, religion, age, and economic class rise up to impact every facet of our civilization in every conceivable way, handcrafting a better future for their progeny than could ever be dreamt of. In fact, up until recent history, being a woman held connotations of strength, courage, purity, and wisdom. We, as a gender, have allowed those traits and the nobility of that title to slowly slip through our fingers and what we are left with is a fragile, hollow shell.

Once upon a time, women were known to bear great inner strength and courage in life. We seem to have traded those for dependency on men, and sometimes, on women who consider themselves our “betters”. Women in our culture are being encouraged to divide themselves: with one hand they are meant to tear men down, tear them apart until they resemble a weaker version of ourselves, while with the other hand we are to demand that they “respect” us enough to pay for our birth control, raise our children for us, and financially support our every whim and fancy. Somewhere along the way, we stopped wanting equality. Perhaps we, as a gender, saw ourselves weakening and were no longer able to stomach the idea of a man’s strength and sought to weaken them as well. However, nature is a lesson in hierarchies, so where one weakens and falls, the other does as well. We have lived with the lie that what marks us as female is what makes us weak and despicable. Bearing and raising children is considered an unworthy cause because you should be racing up the corporate ladder and the future of the human race would only weigh you down, so it is better to kill them before they become a burden. Consenting to be someone’s wife is nothing less than a treacherous vow of servitude to the patriarchy because you should be living only for yourself. Forgotten are the days when being a man’s wife meant co-leading an entire family, meant that you with all of your skills and the qualities were worthy of being protected and defended, no matter the cost, meant that you now had a hand in supporting your partner for life in all that he did as he in turn supports you. As the titles of “wife” and “mother” go, now women are left without surety, without protection of law and family, and are left weakened by the removal of her purpose in nature. What does it do to us as human beings when we kill the life we were created to preserve and defend? Apparently, the success of humanity should be someone else’s duty. Have we forgotten the old adage? “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

Once upon a time, women were held as the model of what a pure society should be. We were seen as the initial instillers of decency and morality into the future generation and the propagators of those qualities into the current society. Recently, the word purity has been shattered and put back together to mean something different. Purity is now synonymous with childlike ignorance, instead of a boldness of heart and a strength of character. In reality, to be pure means to be undefiled; doing what is morally right, remaining clear of conscience and instilling those virtues given to humanity into those with whom we interact. Though this has yet to be fully wrenched from us, it is quickly being dissolved. Women are encouraged by every facet of the media to be vindictive, conniving beings who use their bodies to get what they want, and they should gladly step over anyone to do so. In case you need examples, there are plenty: Desperate Housewives, Revenge, the reality series The Bachelor, music from the likes of Rihanna, Kesha, Britney Spears and Beyonce. The popular thing is to put yourself above others, even your own friends and family. But these “antiquated” ideas of purity, morality, and selflessness…aren’t they what creates a successful nation, a healthy family, and a more peaceful world?

Once upon a time, the men and women of a culture looked to their elders for guidance, especially their grandmothers and great grandmothers. It was thought that if a woman had lived long enough to settle her own affairs, raise her children, and guide her community, then she must have learned the knowledge necessary to improve every facet of life. Now, women above a certain age are told that they aren’t pretty enough or wealthy enough to be of any use. If they aren’t pretty, ignore them. If they aren’t wealthy, then they have nothing to offer you. Their vast store of earned knowledge is useless, tainted by age, and not up-to-date. Younger women are terrified to age, and why wouldn’t they be? Instead of looking forward to reaching an age of peace with enough experience to help those who come after us, we stave off any sign of physical age, emotional dignity, or mental acuity. Current culture would rather keep us as doe eyed children or young sexually attractive females than allow us to become matriarchs capable of defending civilization and shattering the creeping illness of decaying morality

All of this in consideration, we have not completely lost ourselves and we are not without our old strength, but time is running out. At once and without apology, we must unite to tell politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton that they are no longer qualified to be the government’s examples of our sex. We are worth more than our stake in abortion, birth control, and weak leadership. We must unite as one body to explain to movie makers, TV writers, and musicians that we are more than what can only be seen in the mirror and felt with two hands. We were meant to build men up not use our bodies to tear them down. We were meant to solidify a home, not blithely flee from it for our own self-interest. We must unite to show that the color of our hair, the wrinkles in our skin and the choices of recent generations do not define us. We can be more than that. We should be more than that. We are more than that. We are not children, we are not ignorant, we are not anyone slaves. We are women and we should act like it.


Submitted by Star87 posted June 2013

I have always know some things can never be fixed, only dealt with, such as STUPID and Dodge electrical systems. Star expands on this list and explains why this is so in such clear prose that it will evoke thought even in those who don't think for themselves: SHADOWMASTER


“Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes shape and grows again.”

There is a rhythm to the world in which we live. The seasons, the celestial bodies that govern day and night, the tide, life and death, all of this has a time and purpose. Yet there are also less savory things that take a more loathsome pattern. Throughout history, evil has proved to be a creature of habit: it slowly, with deceptive quietness, rises. If it remains unchecked, it moves to gather strength and gain control. When this control and brute force is too much for humanity to ignore anymore, a powerful force of good men and women march forward to defeat it. Though evil can be conquered, we must remember that it cannot be utterly destroyed. It recedes to lurk in the shadows awaiting the faintest of weaknesses that would nourish it to reshape and rise once more. Knowing this, our initial human response is, “Then why fight it?” If we are doomed to continually battle, then why not give in and make do with what we have?

We should fight because knowledge is power. However, understanding the cycle is only the beginning, we must also accept it. It has been the mantra of those in the media and those in the halls of power in recent years that evil is not really evil, it can be rehabilitated, fixed, and is to be pitied. Make no mistake; there is no fixing tyranny, despotism, or any of that ilk. Once you accept that, you can begin to confront those evils and defeat them. The way to begin is the way to end: be ever vigilant. Where was the public outcry over the fast and furious scandal, the allowed murder of four Americans (including our ambassador) in Benghazi, the IRS and it’s stalking of conservative organizations? There are numerous things that should have been taken care of the moment they arose, but the American public was asleep, too comfortable with their government handouts and football games to walk outside and look around. All three of our government branches have taken enormous steps in the past six years to swallow our God given rights whole and what we will get in return is nothing more than excrement.

Now, before it is too late, I bid you regroup and create a powerful force that will be heard in every corridor of power. Going through proper channels, demonstrate, write to your lawmakers and the man in the White House, ring the bells of the newspapers and bloggers, do whatever it takes to spread the word. Using the rights God has given us and the documents of our founding fathers have supported, vote out those that would abuse and usurp the rights of We the People and vote in those of us that will protect and defend liberty with every scratch of their pen and every note of their voice. Then, when we have a government in place that is more conducive to our liberties, sit back and watch. We have allowed this administration and the majority of our current Congressmen to go too far. Never again. As this new evil is forced back into the shadows, each and every American should maintain vigilance in conserving our freedoms for our children and grandchildren. This way, when it solidifies and works to reinstate itself, our children and grandchildren will have the knowledge and the courage to fight it for themselves.

“[evil] will not come save only to triumph over me when all is won. [It] uses others as weapons. So do all great lords, if they are wise…”


Submitted by Star87 posted April 2013

WARNING:Don't read the following if your a leftist believer, it might shatter the lens in your rose colored glasses: SHADOWMASTER

The Man Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

In March of 2013, an interesting exchange happened in the White House between a member of the associated press (I use the term "press" quite loosely) and Barack Hussein Obama. The reporter asked him why he didn't just force Republican leaders to stay in a room until a deal was made. Obama replied, 'I'm not a dictator. I'm the President. So, ultimately...I can't have the Secret Service block the door, right?" Right, Barack, you cannot force anyone to do anything. Despite what you may have heard during your lengthy time in the classrooms of Indonesia, the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. You are just one branch of three, separate but equally checked entities.

I will ignore, for the present, the absurdly stupid question posed by the member of the Obama fan club. Let's face it, the associated press hasn't asked realistic questions of this man since he entered the Oval Office. My main concern should be the concern of all Americans: the man that currently holds the title of our President had to say aloud that he is not a dictator, but that he would like to be. Did you catch that?

"I'm not a dictator." What about Obama's Dream Act? Congress voted no, Obama passed it himself using an Executive Order. How many new programs has Obama asked Congress for, they've rejected, but he has established them anyway? After the Fast and Furious scandal, dozens of members of Congress wrote Obama and members of his cabinet demanding details and answers. Obama routed them by claiming executive privilege. Obama's Federal Communications Commission put in place net neutrality regulations after Congress refused to pass new laws. And these are just a handful of the multitude of actions Obama has taken without the check and balance of the Legislative branch of our government. I have seen several interviews where he has said that he wishes he didn't have to "deal with Congress" or he "wishes he could make decisions without asking Congress". Webster defines a dictator as "A person who tells people what to do in an autocratic way or who determines behavior in a particular sphere." Here is a 2011 quote from him. Does this sound like Webster's definition? "I've told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress...and we're going to be announcing these executive actions on a regular basis."

One thing has remained constant in Barack's years in the White House. It frustrates him to have to go around Congress. Maybe Americans need to remember that, although we do vote to elect each President, Congress is the true representation of the people. The whim of one man should never outweigh the desire of the people, represented by their 535 leaders employed in the halls of Congress.


Submitted February 4, 2013, by Star87 posted March 2013

A letter to the Republican Party. SHADOWMASTER

Dear Sitting Members of the Republican Party,

Typically, my point in writing a Politico is to speak a message to the hearts and minds of strong willed, intelligent, moral and patriotic individuals. Considering everything that has happened in the past month or so, I felt the need to write directly to a group of people who are lacking in these fine qualities. So, for those of you to whom this letter is not written, I ask that you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. My next politico will be back on track.

Dear Sitting Members of the Republican Party,

As an American patriot, I would like to begin by thanking you for historically being the party that promotes liberty, equality, and freedom. You are the party that sought liberty from the clutches of one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. You are the party that won liberty for the slaves, equality for women, and freedom in the twentieth century from centuries of social injustice and oppression. After the dark and evil day of September 11, you bonded together to protect the American people by marching troops out to face our enemies head on, to let them know that another similar incursion on American soil would not be tolerated. Now, being fully aware of all of this, I have to ask: What in the name of sanity have you been doing these past four years? Hiding in a hole? Rolling over and playing dead? Appeasing those, both foreign and especially domestic, that would seek to destroy us? I must apologize to Congressmen Ryan, Paul, Bachmann, and Allen, among a scandalously few others; you I must exclude from this. Even in the utter insanity that the rest of Congress seems to find itself maladied by, these few remain true.

I find willful ignorance to be inarguably intolerable. As a political party, you knew the motivations of the liberal agenda as they ushered their savior into office in 2008. Foreknowledge was had by all, yet you sat on your hands and did nothing as Obamacare rolled through Congress like a tidal wave. Oh, make no mistake, We the People saw you talk a good game. You were "outraged" that such measures were even being offered! But that's all we saw: talk. No action. Impotence. Self-imposed mental and emotional exile from the seats you were elected to hold. You were given those seats of honor by We the People, your rightful employers and masters. Now, Obamacare is only the top of the list. We haven't had a budget in over four years! You also meekly turned blind eyes and deaf ears as the newly crowned king bowed to every foreign dignitary with whom he met, took more vacations than he did work, groveled to our enemies, laid waste to our allies, and ran circles around the Constitution (which he swore by oath before God Almighty to uphold) and Congress to implement his own policies without a check or balance. You, Republican Party, have voluntarily become old, decrepit, and worse than useless.

Now, it is 2013 and America finds herself on the brink of the abyss. We are over 17 trillion dollars in debt. We are fighting a war that no one seems inclined to win. Our second amendment stated God given right to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our country from tyranny and oppression is being shredded as we stand by without political defense. We are being invaded on a daily basis by dozens, if not hundreds, of illegal aliens. By the way, congressmen, are you aware that Korans, prayer rugs, and literature written in Arabic are continuously being found in the desert not far south of our border, and sometimes past the border itself? Are you aware, or if you are, do you remember the four Americans who were brutally sodomized and murdered in our consulate in Benghazi? Of course, you are aware. It is simply easier to roll over and play dead in the face of all that is transpiring. How easily you forget the sacred oath you swore to the American people before the God of the universe.

In closing, I feel it is incumbent upon me to state the obvious, since you are unable to read the writing on the wall. If these inactions and actions of appeasement continue, you will find yourselves removed from office. We the People are not so weak yet that we have cast aside our voting rights. If we must repeat the actions of our forefathers and rebel against tyrants, you will not be spared simply because you are the "conservative" Republican Party. You will be considered traitors with all the rest. Rise up, now, and do what you swore to do while you still can, because, if we do not remove you from office, then those with whom you conspire will not hesitate to do so. We the People are sick, tired, and vengefully wrathful to those who have betrayed us. We are finished with you, Republican Party.

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you absolutely have been found wanting.



Submitted November 19 2011, by Star87 {finally posted January 2013}

Words of hope and sage advice from Star87 after the fiasco that was the last two Presidential elections: SHADOWMASTER

"We were noble...because we could see the light in the darkness."

I once read a story about an old man, cloaked in stunning white, who wandered far from home and into a strange new land. Offering peace in one hand and security in the other, he found himself welcomed into the court of the king. In only a few years' time, the people saw that the tall elder with his wise brow and pure robes, was a walking, talking lie. Their king's strength and nobility faded into nothingness, the people starved, their children were murdered in multitudes, and the ancient man turned his twisted army on the people. They were decimated, hopelessly enslaved by the man they had trusted to bring them prosperity.

Sound familiar? It should. In 2008, after years of fear and war and grief, the American people turned to the bright light that offered them something they craved more than freedom and more than life: peace. Clothed in easy smiles, smooth words, and a confident stride, his deception was easy to swallow. Now, we find ourselves surrounded by his army of twisted journalists, impotent politicians, and clever con men and con-women. It is 2012, and, somehow, we have been voted another round of violent destruction. Make no mistake, though, it will not be the same four years we knew; it will be worse.

In times such as these, humans can be categorized in two groups: those who sit by, apathetically accepting their lot, and those who rise up in wrath and scream at the hurricane. In humility and hope, I propose a third path: nobility. Apathy will kill you. Wrath will get you killed. But as the lives of Joan of Arc and Charles Martel will tell you, the path of nobility can change the world. I do not speak of an almighty, higher than thou perspective of ambivalence to the shades of pale darkness in the world. Instead, take the higher path. Operate on a whole other level. Those in power expect you to do what humans have done for five millennia: either sit down and take it, or lose yourself in anger and rage until you no longer retain a shred of the morality that sets you apart. Raise up your head, walk tall, and remember that there is always a light in the darkness, there is always hope. Help those you can, prepare yourself and your family for the oncoming storms, fight the battles of your own choosing and on your own terms. Do not give in to their easy words of class warfare, your entitlement to welfare, or their lies about how safe they are making the world for you. They will tell you that the fight is over. Do not believe them. They will tell you that times are tough, but they will guide you through. Do not believe them. They will tell you that your enemies are actually your friends. Do not believe them. Live your life and keep hope alive, not by trusting in honeyed lies, but by the small things you freely accomplish in your own life, with your own God given strength.

"I have found that it is the small things that keep the darkness at bay."


Submitted June 20 2011, by Star87 {finally posted Dec 2012}

Usually I write a very short intro to Star's submissions, this time her own words are best about what she has to say:SHADOWMASTER

Star87 wrote:

" Shadowmaster,

After viewing a startling and enraging news article about the land of my ancestors, I found myself writing another politico. I realize that this will make two this month, but as the Shadowmaster you can decide if you wish to post it or not. It may be inflammatory and very non PC, but know that I wrote it while under the sway of a previously unexperienced rage. This is how it begins and I read of it beginning in the land of my forefathers. I fear it will spread to the land of my father and his father before him.

I realize the wording of this email sounds like something straight out of Middle Earth, but you must admit the tidings are the same.

Long may you walk in the Light, Star87 "

Where Are William Wallace and Robert the Bruce?

As a natural born American, I love a good rebellion, especially if the rebellion is against the onslaught of vicious tyranny. In all of the history of western civilization, no one group of people know more about tyranny and its deathly grip than the Scottish. From the British invasion of Scotland in 1296 to the Treaty of Union in 1707, this small group of Celts fought off one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen. Again and again, the British seized control of Scotland and each time they did, the fury of an enslaved people expelled them. Patriots William Wallace and Robert the Bruce were the first, and most well known, leaders of the Wars for Scottish Independence. William Wallace took 2,300 Scotsman and defeated an entrenched British army of approximately 10,000 in the battle of Sterling Bridge on September 11, 1297. At the Battle of Bannockburn on June 24, 1314, Robert the Bruce and approximately 8,000 Scots battled around 20,000 British troops to win freedom for their homeland. Under great duress and against mind blowing odds, the Scottish people have a knack for regaining their freedom from tyranny. Do the odds of these battles and their two leaders sound familiar? Personally, I firmly believe that William Wallace would have found a best friend in John Hancock and Robert the Bruce could have genially swapped war stories with George Washington.

So, possessing the above knowledge, you can imagine my utter disbelief when I read that Scotland is in the middle of being defeated by a force one. The Scottish people are not fighting an army of thousands for their homeland, they are not struggling with a king for their freedom. Scotland is fighting for the right to maintain their way of life, for their future as a sovereign nation, and for the minds of their children. Throughout their country, Muslim leaders are breaking away to form schools and enclaves in which to train up a new generation of Muslims. You read that right: not Scotsmen, Muslims. Apparently, those people living in Scotland with Scottish citizenship are breeding a new Saudi Arabia. Their idea is an "education for an environment that has at its core an Islamic ethos." When the Glasgow Council refused to use tax payer dollars to fund their Islamic school, their leaders screamed "discrimination" and made a court case. Again, you read that right: those Muslims wanted Scotsmen and women to pay for their Islamic schools. If you don't believe me, go to and read it for yourself. This is what the beginning of the end looks like. Now is the time for Scotland to look at what has happened to England, Switzerland, France, and other European countries who have allowed the Muslims to gain a foothold in their countries. Just like the British Empire centuries before, Muslims are looking for nothing less than the destruction of this culture and independent way of life.

Caledonia, you have spent hundreds of years fighting off invading empires and hostile armies, it is now time to make a stand of another kind against a shadowy invasion force that will rot you from within. Instead of trying to debate, reason with, or understand these people, I urge you to ask a very simple question: where are William Wallace and Robert the Bruce?


Submitted June 13 2011, by Star87 {finally posted July 10}

An interesting submission about our political relationship with Pakistan: SHADOWMASTER

Annie Get Your Gun

If someone were to sneak into your house at one o'clock in the morning, rip you out of your warm bed, and punch you square in the face, what would you do? Would you call the police? Would you turn the other cheek? Would you reach for your nearest firearm? Would you reach into your wallet and pay the intruder $50 to punch you in the face again? That is exactly what America is doing. The people of the United States of America have paid $5.56 billion of their hard earned money to Pakistan thus far (approximately $300 million per year) On top of that, we have also paid about $2 million in "reimbursement". Pakistan, if you recall, is the same country who knowingly hid the mastermind behind the sucker punch America received on September 11, 2001. They and their president have also brazenly spoken out in support of such violent anti-America as Hamas, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda.

Where is this money going? Every penny that America gives to support Pakistan's "economic and social growth" goes to the advancement of their military. They are not shy about admitting it either. As if that was not enough, Hillary Clinton has recently addressed the press to voice plans for even more aid. Around $150 million dollars will be heaped on top of the yearly sum in order to "invest in Pakistan's future". So, what are we the taxpayers receiving in return for this "investment"? Karzai has said that he wishes for the West to "accept a coalition with the Taliban in order to progress Pakistani interests." Pakistani interests include wiping Israel off of the map, destroying America's way of life, and impregnating the Western world with Islamic ideals and sharia law.

America is now suffering under the grip of an economic down spiral, yet we are paying our enemies to punch us repeatedly in the face. "Here's $50. Please come back tomorrow night and punch me again. You'll get another $50 then too." While American's are desperately searching for answers and a plan to get us successfully out of this darkness, may I offer up a simple three point solution? 1) Immediately pull funding from Pakistan and all of their close allies. 2) Stand behind Israel and their fight to keep the land of their ancestors. 3) Use our God given democratic right to vote and remove every last politician in Washington D.C. who is no longer doing "the will of the people".


Submitted May 1 2011, by Star87

I think Star87 could not make it any clearer why you should get out and exercise your right to vote people: SHADOWMASTER

No Vision

Ronald Reagan once said that "government tends not to solve problems, only to rearrange them." The recent bungled attempt at a budget by Congress and the White House is a prime example of what Reagan was referencing. After months of squabbling like teenage girls, in the eleventh hour an agreement was reached. The bill would eventually cut just a hair over $1 trillion off of the national debt. That is less than 1%. Do you see the problem here? We need to remind the people in government that there are problems to solve. We should do everything in our power to resolve them, even if it means that Obamacare and Planned Parenthood have to suffer.

The numbers are staggering. America is now approximately $14.26 trillion dollars in debt. Public schools across the country are laying off hundreds of teachers despite the sad high school graduation rate of a mere 69%. As of April, 25, 2011, oil has hit $112 a barrel. The American people are clearly not impressed with where we are headed. According to the most recent polls done by Rasmussen and Gallup, 52% of Americans disagree with how Obama is handling this nation. On top of that, a scandalous 6% of voters think that Congress is doing a good job. How do you like these numbers? This is what happens when the American people fail to hold those people in positions of power accountable for their actions and inactions. It is time to remind them who should be in charge, not a small, select group of individuals who think that they know what we need better than we do. The change in power of the House of Representatives was a step in the right direction. There are other seats of power that need to be changed as well. For the American people, the sooner the better.


Submitted February 26 2011, by Star87

Here is a view submitted by Star87. I love the fact that she was able to equate her thoughts in a clear and concise way to a movie so that even those that don't have the intellect to think for them selfs can understand what she is trying t say: SHADOWMASTER

Humankind, the Darkness, and the Third Edge

In the 2008 movie, The Dark Knight, Alfred (Bruce Wayne's butler) had something intriguing to say about the predicament that Batman found himself in. With the Joker on the rampage and the media and society trying to separate the evil from the man himself, Alfred was the only one to understand that the man is evil. The lines given to that character are perfectly applicable to the recent Tucson tragedy: "Some men, just want to watch the world burn."

While our mainstream media outlets, political commentators, medical professionals, and ordinary people try to come to grips with the how's and whys of the recent shooting, many theories have been shoved in the public's face. The shooter was a victim of his troubled past. The shooter thought the Senator may do some damage in the future. The shooter was caught up in the maelstrom of political debates and mudslinging. The shooter was mentally deranged. The shooter.fill in the gap with anything you have heard or perhaps think yourself. Sarah Palin and the "cross hairs" over certain districts have been blamed countless times and this theory appears to be the blood with which the liberal media bloodhounds have intoxicated themselves. The Conservatives and indeed society as a whole have become the shooter and the shooter has become the victim. He was a poor soul in need of attention and help. However, I have heard many interviews with individuals who personally knew him in recent years, and in every single interview each of them have said the same thing: he was just plain evil. There was a darkness in him that they all saw and recognized and futilely tried to warn against.

Life is complicated. It's as simple as that. But there are millions of overcomplicated things that can be boiled down to simple truths. This shooting is just one example. This devastating incident is not complicated nor is it hard to understand. There are many sides to this story but whatever side you are on, there is only one truth and it was shown by the actions of the shooter himself: He did what he did because he wanted to watch the world burn.