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Its back. Despite AOL's best effort to silence the voice of truth, Marks world is back. AOL decided to eliminate their hosting with no warning. Many lost there websites, files, information and hours of hard work. Not I. Call me paranoid, but I back up everything over the years. Soon, Marks world will be back up in total, so keep checking back. This is not a promise, but a warning!


05/19/2014: Three years since my last rant, well since I posted one here. Since my last rant I have seen so many things that have made me mad that I can't even keep track of them. It started in the spring of 2011 with the flooding of the Missouri River. I am not sure of the cost to the people that lived along the river, or the cost to all of the tax payers, but I do know it cost the life of at least one member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol who was doing his job making sure the areas that had to be evacuated along the river were secure. For several months I-35 was shut down for a 50 mile stretch in southern Iowa and northern Missouri, all the river crossings between Saint Joseph Missouri and Omaha Nebraska where shut down due to the flooding, hundreds of miles of farm land along the river lost the 2011 growing season, and this is just a short list of things that affected my directly or that I seen as I travelled the Missouri River Valley here in the Midwest.

The thing that really pisses me of about this is it was totally unnecessary. It did not have to happen. There are controls set in place at the cost of billions of American tax dollars spent over the past 75 years to prevent this. I don't want to hear the crap how there was massive snow fall in the Rocky Mountains in the winter of 2010, a cool summer then more snow in 2011 and then a massive melt off in the spring of 2011. The United States Army Corps of Engineers, who has control of the dams on the river that where put in place for flood control, had this information. They had time to lower the lake levels on the upper Missouri River. But because the Corps is a part of the the gigantic boondoggle that is our government they succumbed to the pressure put on them by the different local entities to keep the lake levels up for economic reasons. An epic fail.

The job of the federal government to provide for the nation services that are on a scale that to large for the states to provide, such as national defense, interstate infrastructure and so on. The flood control dams on the Missouri River should fall right into their wheel house. They dropped the ball on this one. Maybe if the Feds did not spend so much time trying to control every little aspect of the the individual citizen's lives, i.e. Obamacare, left that up to states as our founding fathers intended, they could have caught what was brewing to be a prefect storm, and prevented this. This is just a classic example of how our government has gotten to large to do its intended job.

Is there more to the Missouri River flood of 2011 than this overly simplified rant, yes I'm sure there is. But in a nut shell this is what happened. The facts can not be argued. This could have been prevented. Some one needs to be held accountable for this. I would not be a against someone being brought up on charges of negligent homicide for the death of the State Trooper. Ultimately we only have ourselves to blame I guess. We put the political wanks in office. The machine is broken and we,as people, as a nation, don't replace the broken parts. When we do we send the same faulty pieces back to Washington. I know how to fix this. Its easy. The problem is I am just one vote and it seems most of the time my one vote is wasted, and pisses me off no end.

Well that's it for now. Shouldn't be so long before my next rant, as there is a lot of stuff that makes me mad.

02/06/2011: Its been a while, but this rant may provide me with my quote of the year.

"It must have been two cats that did it.....or one big one with a full bladder." read more here...


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