Understanding is a three edged sword,

your side, their side, and


13 words that can be used to lead you on the path to understanding.

Its back. Despite AOL's best effort to silence the voice of truth, Marks world is back. AOL decided to eliminate their hosting with no warning. Many lost there websites, files, information and hours of hard work. Not I. Call me paranoid, but I back up everything over the years. Soon, Marks world will be back up in total, so keep checking back. This is not a promise, but a warning!


02/06/2011: Its been a while, but this rant may provide me with my quote of the year.

"It must have been two cats that did it.....or one big one with a full bladder."

My wife relayed this story to me this morning. She heard two cats having a fight out on our front porch, she opened the door to see what the ruckus was about and both cats scrambled away. When she stepped outside she noticed that it appeared that at least on of them had "mark" his territory. She said that the smell was so bad that "It must have been two cats that did it.....or one big one with a full bladder." The moral of this rant is....if you decide to take on the responsibility of having pets, have the common decency to take care of them.


10/31/2010: Finally have all the little bugs worked out on the layout I will use in the near future. You would think with all the work the powers that be put into standardizing html and css it would be a bit more intuitive, at least for the self taught, but it isn't. read more here...


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